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Jeff Lutz – VP, Corporate Communications & Content

It has not been all that long since I was Director of Marketing at a healthcare organization that sold software and services directly to independent medical providers. Consider that for a second. Our target was an ever-shrinking audience, a community of doctors who essentially understood that their...

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Casey Null – Senior Strategist

Merriam-Webster defines consumerism simply: the promotion of the consumer’s interests. And while the concept’s definition may feel straightforward, the implications of consumerism run much deeper than many realize.

In the mid-1990s, the internet unleashed what could be considered an information...

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Esther Fabian – Senior Account Executive

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I should know. I’ve battled the disease three times in the last decade.

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Tiffany Vogel – Senior Copywriter

Today is Women’s Health & Fitness Day, making it the perfect time to share some women’s health insights from a marketing perspective.

Did you know pelvic floor disorders affect approximately 20% of all women and nearly 50% of women over 55? Also, an estimated 25 million Americans suffer from urin...

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Jim Fisher – VP, Planning and Research

With a strong economy comes opportunity. With opportunity comes prosperity. Unfortunately, in the construction industry the opportunity is there, but there are few who have the ability to take advantage of it. Of course, I am speaking about the workforce shortage.

Nearly two-thirds (61%) of all...

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